4 Ways to Build Your Brand

When I was younger, it was important for me to purchase something that had a name brand. Whether it was buying clothes, or even buying cereal, I always had to purchase from the brand I wanted. It was the brand that I trusted and had gotten used to.


Branding is the x-factor between excelling in your market and coasting in your market. Proper branding gets your name across so that people go out of their way just to work with you.


A strong brand is what differentiates you from your competition, and the right branding will always give you an upper hand.


Here’s how to start building your brand:


BACK TO THE BASICS.  It is important to be clear about what your personal brand is. Your audience, or potential audience, won’t go out of their way to learn about your brand – you have to actively show them what you represent. Are you an auditor? A musician? Do you focus on timeliness? Do you support any causes? Narrow the focus of your brand to strengthen its impact. Your audience needs to recognize you for how you define yourself.


MARKETING 101.  If Webster’s Dictionary had an entry for you, your definition should be your brand. Your brand should be a part of you – your personality. When branding, market yourself in your brand’s image. Did you brand yourself as easy-going? Then be easy-going in front of clients. Are you branding yourself as environmentally friendly? Mention and implement saving the environment in marketing campaigns. Your brand is not only who you represent – it’s who you are.


FOLLOW ME.  You have to build a community of followers who know you, who trust you, who want to keep coming back. To do this, keep reaching out to your audience. Update them with news about yourself. Update them with news about them (this is a two-way relationship). Host and invite them to events. Communicate with them on social media.


THE SOCIAL NETWORK.  Speaking of social media, we live in a world where we are always connected. Whether we want to or not, our phones keep us updated with our friends, family, and the general world around us. Social Media is a great tool to communicate with your audience – this is where you can really show off your personality. This is the space where you can be funny, serious, or be whatever you are branding yourself to be. But whatever happens, always keep your online presence consistent and respond to your audience in a timely manner.


Remember, building your brand takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither will your brand.


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Posted by s.park