Hands overlapped-showing unity As a corporate citizen, RMA participates in and contributes to greater causes beyond our specific mission.  Community service is directly coordinated by RMA’s Community Service Committee, which consists of our employees who actively organize community service ventures on behalf of RMA.  The RMA Community Service Committee’s mission and goals are reflective of our corporate vision of community involvement:


To continue serving as a corporate citizen that supports local, national, and global causes.


  1. Use the skills and strengths of the community to give back to the community
  2. Give back to the community in a hands-on way
  3. Get to know local community organizations
  4. Involve company employees, as well as their family members, to fuel a collaborative spirit
  5. Keep events/organizations diverse

Not only have we monetarily contributed to over 20 organizations in the past five years, we also actively participated in events and initiatives that clearly enforce our commitment to corporate citizenry.  RMA has directly contributed to organizations such as the Coast Guard Foundation, Fischer House, Special Olympics, Military Order of the Purple Heart and a great deal of other national community groups.  Our Community Service Committee has organized participatory actions for foundations such as the Army Ten Miler, Marine Corps Marathon and the Capital Area Food Bank.