The Employment Cheat Sheet – 4 Ways to Land a Job

Finding a job in our current market can be difficult. Employers want to hire someone with experience, yet to get experience, you need a job that…requires experience. It is a cycle that we have all experienced in our journeys to find employment.


Along the way, I have learned tips and tricks to that can help anyone find a job. Instead of saying the usual “improve your GPA” or “find an internship” clichés, here are 4 sure-fire ways to help you get that job you want:


NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK.  Finding jobs through search engines and job sites are a thing of the past. The trending way to apply and be noticed is to network. Attend job fairs. Keep in touch with classmates and colleagues. The key is to leave a good impression to prove you are more than what your resume says. Most importantly, you have to create rapport. Networking opens the door for many opportunities. You can meet people for the first time, or be introduced through a connection. If introduced, it is much easier to build rapport with your prospective employer. While you should still apply through online job postings, networking will make the job hunt much easier.


REVAMP YOUR RESUME.  When sending your resume to a prospective employer, you will want to use key words that pop out to the reader. Most employers will look at a resume for only a few seconds before making their decision on whether you are worth their time. Without a good resume, employers won’t bother to call you in for an interview. Break that trend and impress your employer. Your resume should not merely be a list of job descriptions. That is what LinkedIn is for. Instead, add statistics on how you’ve helped your previous company. Rather than stating “I managed the social media accounts”, prove it with “the overall engagement in social media accounts rose by 20% in a 4-month span”.


JOIN A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION.  No matter what field you’re in, there is most likely a professional organization affiliated with your area of expertise. For accountants, this could be AGA (Association of Government Accountants). For public relations specialists, this could be PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Whatever the field, research the qualifications of joining a professional organization. If you don’t meet qualifications, see if you can volunteer for them instead.


GET CERTIFICATION.  Many fields of work offer certification to be known as an expert professional in that respective field. For accounting, it is the CPA. For actuarial science, it is the ASA. One way to step ahead of your competition is to be recognized as an expert in your field. Put in the hours of hard work and studying to pass your exams and be certified. It will vastly benefit your employment search and jobs will also come with a higher pay rate. You will want to be certified in your field eventually, so why not start now?


We understand that looking for employment is stressful and time consuming, but with the right tools and the right attitude, we believe that you will be successful in your journey.


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