Most of our clients are dedicated to serving the American people; we are proud to help them accomplish this important mission.  We provide audit, consulting, and advisory services that help government achieve transparency and accountability.  Our strong work ethic is reflected in every detail of our work.  We don’t want to just fulfill a service.  We want to respond to our clients’ needs and earn their trust every day by hiring only the most talented professionals, encouraging their professional and personal development and welfare, charging competitive fees, honoring deadlines and budgets, and using our clients’ knowledge and experience in the development of our work programs.


RMA professionals work hard, but we promote an environment where employees at all levels freely interact.  Our employees and our clients benefit from professional development incentives.  Our employees operate in a collaborative, flexible, and open-minded work environment that doesn’t just claim to promote a positive work-life balance – it actually cultivates one.  Employees enjoy great benefits such as company-sponsored sporting events, concert, entertainment ticket raffles, and other social events.  As a result, RMA not only attracts the industry’s top professionals, but we also retain them.

We Listen

We are proud of our track record of dedication to providing the highest quality audit, consulting, and advisory services to our customers.  RMA has established a culture of customer-focused delivery that begins with communication and coordination with our clients.

We recognize each of our clients are unique and require innovative solutions to solve complex issues.  We listen to our clients and customize our resources and solution to best address the business needs of each of our clients.

We Simplify

RMA’s customer service delivery model is based on simplicity.  We do not over-complicate our solutions or add more complexity to an existing issue.  Instead, we quickly determine the root cause of an issue and work quickly to fix it.  Our team brings experience and extensive knowledge of current regulations and industry standards.  Our professionals are trained to respond to our client’s needs by providing quality work in a timely and cost effective manner.  In addition, we use an integrated project management approach that helps ensure timely and efficient delivery.  It is our policy that all professional personnel comply with the continuing professional education (CPE) requirements of the AICPA, the Virginia State Board of Accountancy, GAO, and other regulatory agencies, so our clients know they can expect top-notch simplified delivery.

We Deliver

We fix problems and deliver.  We accomplish this by being results, not process, driven.  Our professionals understand this philosophy and work every day to help deliver value to our customers.  We ensure all personnel understand the importance of protecting confidential, sensitive, and proprietary government information. RMA has developed an internal Quality Control System in accordance with AICPA requirements.  It is the firm’s policy to promote a culture of quality that is pervasive throughout the firm’s operations through the development of its system of quality control.  In maintaining a culture of quality, we emphasize the importance of ethics and integrity in every decision that personnel make.